Why Gamification today is bigger than ever

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context to engage users and solve problems.


Gamification is non-fiction gaming with your real friends and your real money and your real stuff in the real world


Shakespeare wrote: “All the World is an Audience”. If he was alive today, wouldn’t he have written “All the World is a Game”?


Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification, an awesome presentation by Gabe Zichermann, is an excellent starting point in the World of Gamification explaining why points, badges, levels, challenges, rewards and leaderboards are being used more today than ever before.

Since the talk is almost 1-hour long, here are 4 Key Takeouts on Why Gamification Today Is Bigger Than Ever:

  1. Younger people have grown with Gaming as the prime form of entertainment in their lives has changed how we think. Some of the Best Selling Games of the last five years simulate things that don’t sound like fun at all like running a Farm, being a Waitress, or an Air Traffic Controller. Fun and the theme (or the brand) of fun are not correlated anymore. If Farming and Air Traffic Control can be fun, anything can be fun with the right Mechanics and Process in place.
  2. Games have become a powerful force that can get people to take actions that are 1) against their self-interest. 2) in a predictable way, 3) without the use of force.
  3. Brand Loyalty (and loyalty products) in the Digital-Driven World is Social, not Private like it was in the past, and therefore is more important than ever.
  4. The successes of Farmville or Nike+,  show that Brand Engagement & Customer Activations are not necessarily about Cash or Prizes any more. Customers today seek attention, power, status. Cash and Prizes are what a Brand has to pay for lacking a strong Status system to reward customer behaviour.

Fun is the Future, but Gamification is beyond Fun [Articles & Videos]

+Tribal Worlwide APAC Head of Strategy, Brandon Cheung, emphasizes that Gamification has deeper application beyond fun experiences

+ The Engagement Economy. How Gamification is reshaping Business, a Deloitte Review

+ Gamification: From Buzzword to Strategic Imperative

+ Gamification Done Right, or how a drink isn’t just a drink; it’s an item for your drinking quest inventory

+ TEDx talk on how Gamification Satisfies Human Needs: Reward, Status, Achievement, Self-Expression, Competition, Altruism

+ Foursquare’s evolution into a Social Media Giant by simply rewarding users by “checking in” locations with points and badges and what do we learn by the company’s  decision to gradually phase-out Gamification to fight the perception that Foursquare is merely about “points and badges”.

+ The Volkswagen Fun Theory by DDB Stockholm, Monopoly City Streets by Tribal London, McDonalds Monopoly by Tribal Chicago and the KLM Space Experience by Tribal-Rapp Amsterdam are among many Case Studies with Gamification elements within the DDB network.

+ 21 companies use Gamification to get better business results http://buff.ly/1dM88Im

+7 examples of Websites using Gamification concepts http://www.informationweek.com/social-business/marketing/7-examples-put-gamification-to-work/232901489?pgno=1

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