Are you suffering from Digital Myopia?

David Cooperstein writes about the “Digital Myopics” who look at everything from a digital pinhole, convinced that Digital is the only future that matters, and all other vehicles for Marketing, Advertising and Communication are dead.

The symptoms of the Digital Myopic:

  • Obsession with Big Data. The underlying belief that if you segment Big-Data into micro-segments, every Marketing Problem will be solved. Forgetting that 90% of products are still sold physically and that, let’s face it, TV, Radio, Print, In-Store displays and shelf spaces still work.

  • Narrow Focus on what they know best, not on what the customer really needs. A social media expert will say that “everybody wants to have a relationship with the Brand”. A Search Expert will say that display is day, a Display expert will say that Search is low-funnel and the Video Expert that both Display and Search are nothing without a “Viral”. And not to forget Mobile, everybody wants to build an App.

  • False assumption that the real world is as interconnected and interpersonal as the digital world. Personalized experiences and social experiments matter and can work in digital, but people still like the passive experience that high production value events have to offer.

  • Limited knowledge of the core principles of Marketing.  Failing to see how Direct Response Marketing and Brand Advertising interconnect and support each other as components of the marketing mix.

How to cure Digital Myopia

  • Break the barriers between Creative and Digital Creative. The Creative team will start with a big idea. The Digital team will start with a digital idea. Bridge the gap to ensure a big idea that is in tune with today’s consumer.

  • Give Digital Myopics a peripheral vision. Help them realise the distinct value of TV mass reach or the importance of the “Drive-Time” message which is delivered by Radio or Billboards. Organize an intensive “Back-Avdvertising-Basics” Seminar if needed.

  • Tie Digital Investment to Advertising KPI’s. Search Marketing can be accurately measured Real-Time, but that is not the case with other Digital Channels. Make sure that KPI’s and ROI become familiar concepts especially when pitching Viral Videos, Facebook Pages, Apps, or Web Experiences to clients. The general “Cyber-Hype” moves budgets towards digital anyway, but it’s very important to tie this spending to KPI’s and the Advertiser’s Euros in the same way that it’s done in traditional advertising and in-store Marketing.

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Photo, Self-Portrait, by Paul Stevenson

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