8 things to tell the executives about agile

As business awareness for Agile-Scrum is growing, to the point that they are becoming the new cross-sector buzzwords, agile enthusiasts find themselves in the awkward position of explaining Agile-Scrum to Senior Managers or Executives who are approaching Agile-Scrum for the first time and want to know how it will work, how much it’ll cost and when it’ll bring results.

Joe Little, a seasoned agile trainer, has decided to share 8 principle points he is going to make about agile during a session with 30+ executives next week:

  1. We have knowledge workers. As soon as we recognize that they are knowledge workers, it changes things.
  2. Minimize WIP.  Simple version: Only one project per Team.  Forget keeping all these other projects ‘in-flight’.
  3. A Team learns. Have a Team, and appreciate the Team as a learning unit. Help them be a great Team.
  4. Self-organization.  Allow them, within some basic constraints, to self-manage and self-direct.
  5. “Random carbon units”.  Accept the uniqueness of each person. They are no longer ‘resources’ (plug-replaceable things).  Treat them like real people, with all the good and bad that means.
  6. Subtle control. Use it, and do not use ‘power’ control.  Includes ‘control by love’ as Takeuchi and Nonaka say.
  7. “Failure is good”.  Failure where we learn and improve leads to real innovation.  Embrace it.
  8. “The bad news does not get better with age”.  “We build quality in from the beginning.” Which leads to “You have to slow down to go fast.”  Which is very obvious if you understand, but an enigma within a paradox if you do not.

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flickr photo, the rocker executive, by Jesus Solana

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