The 7 laws for a world gone digital

In May 2012, AKQA’s Ajaz Ahmed teamed up with Stefan Olander, Nike Digital VP to write a book on how to stay ahead of the digital curve. The book, “Velocity: The seven laws for a world gone digital” is centered around an agile software development term, velocity, which is defined as the number of user stories a scrum team can get done in one sprint.

An excellent read for agency execs, aspiring execs, digital marketers and anyone who wants to understand how to navigate and define the new digital environment with new technologies disrupting the long-established ways of working, new competitors with innovative business models and endless bits of digital jargon appearing every day.

An environment they call Velocity because of the abilities it requires everyone to master, and the positive force that gives you the mind-set and tools to create a better future.

Here are the 7 laws of Velocity, for a world gone digital:

A Smith & Wesson beats four aces
Evolve immediately. Entitlement kills.

Velocity doesn’t care who you are or how good you were yesterday. It’s coming for you anyway. Don’t be a sitting duck. See the big picture. Find the pain points, see patterns taking shape, and act.

It’s easier done than said
Get going. Then get better.

Velocity takes courage, focus and determination, but gives back efficiency and rewards intuition, iteration and gutsiness.

The best advertising isn't advertising
Make meaningful connections.

Wondering which half of your ad spend is wasted? Velocity says: ‘Wrong question. Try again.’ Instead of interrupting people, serve them and make them feel something. Sorry, but that takes longer than thirty seconds.

Convenient is the enemy of right
Never have anything to apologize for.

Velocity needs you to be streamlined. The requisite craftsmanship takes perseverance and discipline. Obsess over important details, and edit ferociously.

Respect human nature
Make yourself proud by making people’s lives easier, richer and more fun.

Digital is the means, not the end. Technology sometimes obscures this ultimate truth, and makes it easy to forget that at the far side of an app, a tweet, an anything, there’s a person.

No good joke survives a committee of six
Have the balls to make the calls.

For organisations with structures that sand down all rough edges and desiccate anything juicy, something terrible will happen: nothing. It’s time for decision making regimes that hold up to Velocity.

Have a purpose larger than yourself
Do the right thing: always play from your heart.

Velocity will disproportionately reward organisations and individuals that aim to make a meaningful and enduring contribution. Let your imagination and curiosity power progress.

+ Velocity: The seven laws for a world gone digital on Amazon.

+A fast chat Ajaz Ahmad had with Adweek on the intentions and the target audience of his book.

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