10 pearls of wisdom for Marketers in the post-industrial era

Do you sometimes feel that the day-to-day intricacies of your work obstruct you for taking a step back to understand “Why”, rather than just focusing on “How”?

If that’s the case, find below 10 triggers for inspiration by Seth Godin, extracted from posts of his blog, the ultimate source of wisdom on marketing, how ideas spread in the post-industrial age, leading, and most of all, changing everything.

  1. People don’t believe what you tell them.  They rarely believe what you show them.  They often believe what their friends tell them.  They always believe what they tell themselves.
  2. We learn best when we learn together.It’s not merely the logistic efficiency of putting people together in a room. Now that the internet replaces that efficiency, we see that ‘more for less’ is the least of it. Learning together serves a crucial function… it makes learning happen.
  3. Real change happens when we’re in sync. Just a little bit ahead. Trusted and connected and leading. Too far ahead is a form of hiding.
  4. Failing to finish earns you nothing, of course. But for the one who sticks it out, who arrives hours late, there’s the respect that comes from finding the strength to make it, even when all seems helpless.
  5. If your work goes viral, if it gets seen by tens of millions of people, sure you can profit from that. But most of the time, it won’t. Most of the time, you’ll aim to delight the masses and you’ll fail.
  6. It doesn’t matter if you work for a search engine, run a plumbing service or organize a conference. If I’ve come to know you and trust you and then you turn your back on me, abandon me and make me feel like a fool for trusting you, I won’t be back any time soon.
  7. “Nice to be found. Essential to be sought.” This was always a good idea, but in a post-search era of mobile and social, it’s now the best idea.
  8. In the internet era, your story is going to be inspected, held up to scrutiny and scoured for half-truths. But if your story is true, if it not only resonates with the worldview we insist on but actually delivers, then you’ve created something of lasting value.
  9. Our skills, resources and assets are like letters in the alphabet and we can re-use and recombine them in many different ways. It might be the real estate you own, the skills you’ve learned, the permission base you’ve built over time, but all of those assets can be leveraged in different ways.
  10. The extraordinary thing is that we’ve built a society where the second category pays off more than it ever has before. The media would prefer the former, of course. It’s more fun to cover a fight than it is to report on progress. And the fast-twitch world prefers the caveman stuff as well. Tweet your first impression, better hurry. That’s what our lizard brain evolved to do, it’s our first instinct.

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